About our Drug Rehab Center

Located moments from the beach in Hobe Sound, Florida, Unity Recovery Center provides its patients with a lush and serene environment, a perfect home away from home for someone in recovery. Looking into an out of state rehab center is highly recommended when trying to break an addiction as it is sometimes necessary to remove yourself from an environment that may contain possible reminders or triggers of drug use. Unity Recovery Center is the perfect place to receive help.

While the length of time a patient will need to stay in our drug rehab center varies, on average most will stay in recovery for a period of 45 days. We do however, recommend a 28 day minimum stay. Patients will be provided weekly meal vouchers, but are also offered the opportunity to do their own meal shopping and cooking while in our treatment center.

Florida Rehab Treatment Center

The recovery process will begin with an initial phone call to determine whether or not drug and alcohol detox will be needed. If needed, we will make arrangements with a leading detox center, which is located near our main facility, schedule a pick up from the airport and transport you to that center. After detox is complete, we will bring you back to our treatment facility where we can then begin to heal your drug or alcohol addiction through one of our many individualized treatment programs.

Our eperienced staff is qualified and uniquely trained to handle every aspect of addiction. Unity Rehab boasts some of the highest success rates in the country and we credit this to our specialized treatment programs, understanding that you aren't just another face in the crowd, but an individual, who requires a recovery program specifically tailored to your own needs. If you have any questions about receiving help for your addiction or on our facilities and programs, do not hesitate to call us.